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17th June 2021
Greetings all


This is a Vine and Resources bulletin and a weekly bulletin in one. Apologies if you receive this e-mail twice as I have two separate lists but it is easier to do a single mailing for both.


This week has been extremely busy but also fulfilling, with a funeral today and much of my work focused on rapidly reviewing and making final arrangements for weddings in July. The rest of the week is a blur, but a pleasant one. Do please remember Viv in your prayers as she has the first wedding post lockdown as we compare notes. Arrangements are understandably challenging as we try to interpret and to some extent predict what is permissible. The situation around baptisms is similar as we look forward to supporting an increasing number of parents who are requesting this. I have been touched by the understanding of some of those who we look to support, who recognise that the challenges apply both ways.


Anyway, please find attached the Vine at Home for this week, a reflection from Rev'd Jo Goodridge on holiness, and  - this is wonderful news and something we celebrate - a letter from Rev'd Canon Helen Cameron as our Chair of District. Helen is proud to announce that Matt Forsyth, known to us as a preacher in our circuit, his work for All We Can, and his unrelenting support of the Circuit Livestream, has been appointed as our Northampton District Mission Enabler. Our deepest congratulations go to Matt. We wish him all the best. We look forward to working with him in a different capacity. Our thoughts and prayers are with him and his family as he takes up this role. Well done Matt. 


In this particular bulletin I would also like to draw your attention to some key video resources, some of which feature regularly as part of our livestream prayers. It may be that you have not seen these, or would appreciate having access to them for onsite worship if you have projection facilities. These are all on the Circuit YouTube page (below) but the immediate addresses are:


A Pentecost Prayer video, inspired by a prayer that was brought to my attention by Christine Kell from Whittlesey, originally written by Christine Odell. You can find this at


A Trinity video (which would work in any setting as an opening to worship), posted on


A Prayer for Refugee Sunday, written originally in 2013 and written by the Churches' Commission for Migrants in Europe (CCME), and the German Ecumenical Committee on Church Asylum.  by (This Sunday is Refugee Sunday)


The End Hostility #WeAreNotFinishedYet video - please bear this in mind as the mid-term review of changes to Home Office practice and procedure around concerns that surfaced during the Windrush Scandal is due in September this year.


A Climate Awareness and Climate Sunday Video which serves as an introduction to our approach as a circuit. 


Separately to this, and perhaps something that would standalone for a gathering in churches that would like to meet for worship but do not have a preacher - or simply for home use - Rev Viv's podcast. This week it is entitled, 'That's the only day the dentist can see you'!


As I say, some of these prayer videos have featured as part of livestream in recent months (although the refugee prayer, and the climate Sunday prayers are very recent) and it may be you would value these for personal use or use onsite in a church where you can project from YouTube.


Every blessing folks - once again, some of you will get this e-mail twice. Apologies. Sue is still on leave and I sincerely hope she is having a great time - and in the meantime I am covering sending out the weekly information.





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