Queen Street Cell / Bible Study Group
15th April 2021
19:30- 21:00
Queen Street Cell/Bible Study Group
We shall continue to meet online from Thursday 7th January at 7.30 pm and every other Thursday thereafter on our zoom platform. We meet for about an hour for friendly support, bible study and prayer. Our first sessions for the new year will be guided by a resource looking at the letter to the Philippians entitled ‘Living for the sake of the Gospel’.
Paul wrote this joyful letter whilst he was ‘Lockdown’ in prison, but yet it is infused with energy, hope and encouragement. In one of the clearest statements of his bold faith, unshakeable trust and radiant love for Christ, Paul instructs the Philippians (and believers everywhere) in the practicalities of living joyfully, prayerfully and contentedly – whatever their circumstances in life.
Everyone will be most welcome and our prayer is that you would find great support and encouragement on life’s journey and that you would truly feel at home. For access to the group, contact Nick Drury (nickhan.drury@ntlworld.com) or Ian Cornall (cornall68ian@gmail.com) and provide your email address. A study guide is available. We look forward to meeting you.
Nick & Ian


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