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We are One Body at Queen Street Church Sep 2023

Tim’s things- We are One Body at Queen Street Church

By the time this article was published and the time you're reading it, I've been a part of the Queen Street Church family for two months. Yet, I feel as if I've been acquainted with most of you for over two years. Meeting a friend for the first time, and yet it feels like reuniting with an old companion after an extended period. I hold dear each instance we convene, serve, and partake in worship collectively. The most frequent query I've encountered is, "Have I settled in?" I find myself immensely fortunate to collaborate with all of you, and it's as if you all are the ones taking care of me, rather than the reverse. I have faith that God has directed me here for a purpose and a calling.

Holiday at Home

If I need to highlight the activities of the months, Holiday at Home must be the number one. The first time I made a pomander. An exciting monologue. I wish I could fully understand the laughing point one day in my life. Classic English old songs sung by a marvelous choir, a trip to Springfield with unexpected, beautiful weather Benjo show and the dancing behind the scene, comedies and most importantly, the time with new and old friends. These are not the only highlights. The true highlights should go to the people behind the scene. People who work behind the scenes day and night for the good of the community. People who started preparing for these three days since January this year for financial support, coordinating with the helpers, and all other things we cannot see. The time and effort given, the anxiety of the weather, the staffing and everything shows how they care about everyone who participates.It is not just an event, it is a time together and the memories will stay in our mind. We care for each other and share love and happiness. Is it how the kingdom of heaven looks like, isn’t it?


Friends of God

Another highlight is “Friends of God”. The leaders prepare different activities, crafts and morals according to the biblical themes of the week. With a limited time, the leaders and the children have to talk through the theme, doing crafts and present it to the congregation at the end of the service. The children learnt what it is like to have a rest in Jesus when they learn to write down their worries. They learn to share their love of Jesus and say thank you. We learn from the parable of sows to have ears to listen to God’s words. You cannot imagine how much time the leaders give and the creativity they have to have for every week.


Come Talk with Us 

“Come Talk with Us” is a time for young people to share a meal, prayers and time together. We also welcome families with children and everyone who would like to share your testimonies and experiences. It was a heartwarming experience where we not only enjoyed delicious food but also shared in prayer and fellowship with one another. We shared about our interests and the difficulties facing in this stage of life. Our senior members had the opportunity to share their inspiring testimony about their faith journey, work experience and how God transformed us. It is to maintain this sense of fellowship, ensuring that the teenagers in our church find both joy and support. It is also how we have the fellowship where we share food and our feelings in church. 

Date: Every two Saturday

Time: 5.00-7.00p.m.

Place: Main Hall

Contact Tim for more information.

The warmth and kindness of the Queen Street Church family have truly made my first two months here feel like an enriching journey of years. The genuine connections, the shared moments of worship, service, and friendship have been nothing short of heartwarming. This close-knit community is a testament to the hospitality and dedication of every individual involved. As we look ahead, I eagerly anticipate the upcoming events such as Harvest, Messy Church, and more. These moments promise to be even more opportunities for us to share, connect, and further strengthen the beautiful bond that makes Queen Street Church a remarkable community. In this journey of faith and friendship, it's clear that we truly care for each other, and by doing so, we reflect the love and unity that mirrors the essence of the kingdom of heaven itself.

In this way we are like the various parts of a human body. Each part gets its meaning from the body as a whole, not the other way around. The body we’re talking about is Christ’s body of chosen people. Each of us finds our meaning and functions as a part of his body. Romans 12:4-5

Tim Wong

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