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Tim - Children, Family and Community Worker

Since joining Queen Street Church as the Children, Family, and Community Worker, the past few months have been incredibly fulfilling. The warm embrace of the congregation has provided invaluable support, enabling me to thrive in my role. This report provides an overview of my activities and exciting plans for the year ahead.

I've taken the reins of the "Friends of God" Sunday School program, providing support to the leaders and building meaningful connections with the children. While actively seeking additional leaders to join our team, I've also enjoyed leading some sessions myself.

Beyond Sundays, I actively participate in Girls' Brigade activities, engaging with the girls and occasionally leading outings. Fostering these relationships has blossomed into extending invitations to our church events, like Messy Church.

Launching Messy Church in Whittlesey has been a joyous highlight of my journey here. Our latest gathering, filled with the festive spirit of Christmas, was a magical memory in the making.

From heartwarming carols and joyful decorations to engaging activities and captivating storytelling, the afternoon pulsated with a special kind of warmth. Parents and children alike were swept up in the spirit of the season, their laughter echoing through the halls as they collaborated on crafts, savored delicious treats, and discovered the wonder of Christmas tales.

The unwavering support of volunteers from Churches Together in Whittlesey & District added another layer of joy to the day. Their dedication and enthusiasm ensured that all felt welcome and embraced, creating a true community of festive cheer.

As we look forward to these upcoming gatherings, I can't help but feel a surge of excitement. With Whittlesey Messy Church firmly rooted in the community, I'm confident that each event will be a heartwarming testimony to the power of shared moments, laughter, and faith.

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